How to Change IP Adress – 2018

If you are a regular internet user, you might have encountered the term IP address several times.
The IP address of your PC represents your identity over the internet.
Sometimes, there are many reasons why you would consider changing your IP address.
One of these might include security reasons or troubleshooting a particular network issue. But, regardless of what your purpose why you need to change your IP address, there are several ways on how to do and these include the following:


How to Change IP Adress – in six ways


#1: Change IP address with HMA VPN

HideMyAss is a renowned VPN provider. It offers any internet users the chance to surf the web using the company’s own IP address.
It works simple compared to other options of changing IP address.
That is why there is nothing you should worry about when changing IP with HideMyAss VPN.
The first step you should do is by subscribing at any package offered by HideMyAss.
Depending on your budget, you can choose any package. Just ensure that it would meet your needs. After this, you can start surfing the web anonymously and without worrying about getting tracked.
Learn How to change ip address wth HMA VPN

change ip address vpn

Link to



#2: Change IP address by Modem

Changing your IP address using your modem is also possible.
You can do this by turning off your modem after configuring your IP using the command prompt on your PC.
If you don’t know about this process, there are several websites that can help you to get started when changing IP through using your modem.

change ip modem



#3: Change IP address by Router

If you’re using router to connect to the internet, you can change the IP address of your device manually through the router’s configuration page. The first step you should do is to open its configuration page on your browser. Search for the section like Address Reservation. Then, create a new entry.
Choose your device from the list or you can also enter its MAC address and the name in a manual manner.
Pick an IP address and ensure that it doesn’t match with any device connected on your router.
Save the changes and restart your router to get started.


change ip address router

#4: Change IP address by Proxy

Using a VPN or proxy will change your IP address quickly and may also change your location and country depending on the VPN or proxy website you use. Just make sure to find the best proxy providers.
These sites can be either be free of charge or may charge you monthly.

change ip address proxy


3 good sources for proxy lists :





#5: Change IP address by Tor Browser

Tor is known as a free software program that you usually load onto your computer, which hides your IP address anytime you request or send data on the web. The process is said to be layered with a heavy-duty encryption. This means that your data will layered with the privacy protection. With the use Tor, sites will no longer be able to track your IP address’ location. This only means that all your internet activities will never be tracked.

change ip address tor browser


Link to Tor Project


#6: Change IP address Hola Chrome Extension

Hola can offer you the freedom to browse the internet without censorship and can let you play media files without letting you to wait. To change your IP address using Hola Chrome extension, what you only need to do is to install it. Once done installing it, use it when you are surfing the Web and enjoy browsing any website anonymously. With this, you will be able to surf without worrying about being tracked by anyone.

change ip address hola


Link to Hola 


There are other ways on how to change an IP address. But, if you really want to get quick results, considering HideMyAss VPN will never give you any regrets.


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