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Are you looking for a divorce lawyer, searching for a job, commenting on sensitive political concerns or researching a medical condition that you do not want anybody to know about? Or are you using a public network in a coffee shop or a hotel and you want to keep others from seeing what you are doing online? Well, there are several ways on how to surf anonymously.



Whenever you are considering to browse the internet anonymously, there are actually two things that matter. Anonymity is one of these and it’s all about keeping people from knowing what websites you are visiting. Privacy is another thing you should remember, which is about keeping people from accessing the information you’re sending. Depending on your preferences, you can either surf with privacy or anonymity in mind.

Some of the ways to surf anonymously include:

Surf anonymously using VPNs 

One of the best ways to enjoy the most secure connection is through VPNs or Virtual Private Networks. These create an encrypted connection for every traffic between your computer and VPN server for privacy and provides protection about your IP address from being transmitted to the websites you visit for anonymity.



A VPN can also provide protection to your information while you are on the public networks in coffee shops and hotels. When compared to free services including Tor, a VPN charges a particular fee, which allows them to give a much higher bandwidth. Today, there are numerous VPN providers. Depending on your needs, choose the one that would meet your requirements.


Surf anonymously using HMA VPN


The best option option is  HMA VPN.
HideMyAss is known for providing you the chance to surf the web safely and securely without others knowing about you. It is because instead of giving your IP address, HideMyAss will give its own IP address for you to surf the web without allowing others to track you. The cost of HideMyAss VPN is very affordable. Regardless of what package you have chosen, you can guarantee that you will be able to surf anonymously.

surf anonymously using HMA vpn today

Surf anonymously using Tor Browser

You can also consider using Tor browser, which is a free open network that is originally developed to protect the government communications. Recommended by privacy advocacy organizations, Tor browser is compatible with Firefox and allows you to turn it off or on depending on when you require anonymity.



Tor works through routing your traffic by a series of servers, run by volunteers across the globe before sending this to your destination. That is why it’s very effective when hiding your IP address.


Surf anonymously Using Private Browsing

If you want to protect your browsing history, another good way to do it is by taking advantage of private browsing. Every major browser has a private browsing mode, which deletes temporary internet files, cookies as well as browsing history after you have closed the window so that others who have access to your computer won’t be able to see or track what sites you visited.





Learning how to surf anonymously will not just give you freedom from hackers, but also you will be able to protect all your personal information whenever you are using the web to search for something you need.

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