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How to unban omegle? there are some reasons that may ban your account this known chatting portal there are some ways on how to unban from Omegle.

Omegle is known as one of the most popular chatting portals that allows you to chat with strangers and make new group of friends for free of charge. The Omegle’s support team continuously track the chats and keep sharp eye on spammers to ensure a clutter-free and smooth operation. Once they found any spammers, they will ban the account of those users. Besides, there are some reasons that may ban your account this known chatting portal. However, fortunately, there are some ways on how to unban from Omegle.


unban omegle

ways to Unban omegle :

  • Contact Omegle’s Customer Support

If you’re ban from the website and you want to unban, don’t hesitate to contact customer support by using the Omegle feedback form. Users may send them an email questioning the reason why they were banned. If the mistake is true, try to apologize or request to be unbanned. The Omegle’s team will revert with the answers to every question and maybe they will remove your ban from omegle.

  • Connect Using a Different IP Address

If your IP address was banned, you can connect to the website with the use of a different IP address. You can use the computer of your friend to access the website. You may also try browsing in a cyber café.

  • Connect with Proxy IP

If you find it hard to connect to the site, you can use proxy IP. You may find the website’s proxy address quickly online and utilize the same to connect to the website. This will let you connect to Omegle with the use of a third party server. It only means once you connect to the website, this will obtain the third party server’s IP address. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways of connecting to Omegle and get omegle unban.

  • Change Dynamic IP

If you’re using a dynamic IP address for your internet connection, you can consider disconnecting it. You may even change the address through the modem settings and set the new address and try connecting to the website of Omegle. It’s very simple to search for an IP address for your computer. What you only have to do is by typing ipconfig in your command prompt and you’ll get your preferred address and you can unban omegle.

  •  Use HideMyAss VPNs to unban from Omegle?

If you want to make the most of Omegle without getting banned, there is always a solution you can consider and that is by using HideMyAss VPNs. HideMyAss is renowned as a go-to tool for those who desire to surf the web securely, freely, privately, and without any restrictions.

One of the reasons why HideMyAss VPNs is a must for you to enjoy Omegle is that you will get an address that no one will be able to trace you. Aside from that, HideMyAss gives out their own IP address. This just means that rather than giving out your IP address, your computer will provide the IP address of HideMyAss.

unban omegle


The data of your website is also delivered to HideMyAss address and it will be forwarded to users in a secure manner. This only means that you will appear where the server of HideMyAss located, enabling you to access the internet like a local, no matter where you are in the globe.

HideMyAss can also give you the protection you need from hackers and snoopers online. With HideMyAss VPNs, your online activities will never be traced and no one will know who you are.


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