What is IP Address

Every device connecting to the internet has its very own IP or Internet Protocol address. The IP addresses are what make it possible, just like other things, for computers coming from different networks to easily find one another. The IP address is important for all activities that are based online but there are many cases when the user is not even aware of the IP address of his or her computer or what its importance really is.

Basically, the IP address is the unique number being assigned to the computer connection by your home, office or employer’s ISP or Internet Service Provider.
It is a one of a kind number that serves as your connection’s ID when it is accessing the internet. This pretty much functions just like your street address. When you order pizza or someone wants to send you a snail mail, your address will be needed so that the delivery person or the postman will find your home right away.
A similar process also applies to your computer wherein the IP address is being used for routing information from the internet to your PC.

Depending on the kind of ISP service agreement that you have, the internet protocol address will be assigned to the connection of your computer on provisional basis and will usually change every time you reboot the router.



The IP address is a great way for measuring the unique identity of every user.
This is the number being allocated to your browser by your ISP or Internet Service Provider or employer when logging on online.
This is typically allocated on temporary or dynamic basis or is allocated to the browser for the duration of the session online.
This is the address of the computer if you are online.
With no IP address, the servers are not going to deliver any content to you since they will not be able to locate your computer.

IP address types

There are two primary types of IP address, namely the public and private address. The private internet protocol address is part of the reusable pool that is set aside by the internet engineering task force for the individual network. In particular, these include the addresses that begin with “10.”, “172.16.”, and “192.168.” This kind of address is just relevant to your local area or corporate network.
To effectively communicate online, the computers require a public IP address.
The address is internationally unique so this cannot be the same with any other in the world.
Trying to look up your IP configuration information in the Window settings will usually return to your own private address that cannot be reached online.


You will have to use a service for determining your public internet protocol address as assigned by your ISP.

The IP address plays a crucial role in the internet world because without it, there is no way for you to get the information that you need online. The IP address is truly a fascinating product of the modern computer technology that paves way for a seamless and convenient online experience.

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