What Is VPN and How to Use VPN

What Is VPN and How to Use VPN?

VPN or also known as Virtual Private Network is a network technology, which creates a secure network connection over the public network like a private network or internet owned by a particular service provider. Big corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions utilize VPN technology to allow remote users to connect to a private network in a secure manner.

VPN may also connect numerous websites over a huge distance like WAN or Wide Area Network. More often than not, VPNs are utilized when extending intranets across the globe to disseminate information as well as news to a wide user base. Most education institutions use a VPN to connect campuses, which may be distributed across the world or country.


For users to gain access to the private networks, they should be authenticated with the use of a unique password and identification. Oftentimes, an authentication token is used when gaining access to a private network through a PIN or personal identification number, which users should enter. A PIN is a unique authentication code, which changes in accordance to particular frequency, typically every thirty seconds or so.

VPNs are a cheap and effective way to build a private network. With the utilization of the internet as a main communications channel between websites, this is a cost-effective alternative to pricey leased private lines. The costs to the corporation include network authentication hardware as well as software used in authenticating users and any extra mechanisms including authentication tokens or some secure devices. The speed, flexibility, and relative ease of VPN provisioning compared to leased lines make VPNs a perfect option for corporations who need flexibility. For instance, a company may adjust the numbers of websites in the VPN according to its needs.

Another reason why many businesses use VPNs is because it offers security. There are various ways to intercept data traveling to networks. While a firewall can protect your data on your computer, VPNs can protect your data on the web as these use advanced encryption protocols and other secure tunneling methods to encapsulate every online data transfer.

Choosing a Good VPN Provider

When it comes to any VPN providers, there are numerous choices to choose from. There are several VPN providers who provide free services while others have different rates for VPN services. One of the popular VPN providers is HideMyAss, which is known for providing great quality service.

Like majority of VPN providers, it has 3 different packages, which all offer the same quality service yet increasing price discounts. The company offers a total of 860 servers with 310 areas around 190 countries, providing thousands of IP addresses. They also provide the 3 known protocols, which include OpenVPN, L2TP, and LLTP. They also easily lets you change between them depending on the device you are using.


HideMyAss also have available software for every operating system and because they allow two simultaneous connections, which is something that is not common, you don’t have to worry about the devices you want to use at a particular period of time. HideMyAss also has a wide variety of free services, which many VPN users can take advantage of.



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